Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc.

Society History

A small group of Houstonians with a sincere interest and desire to do their part to preserve the past held their first meeting in 1979.  This group consisted of James Clark, Joe and Libba Criddle, Mrs. Mary Hickman, Mrs. Virginia Ellard, Robert Porter and Robin and Shirley Mathis.

There was limited information available for family research and historical research.  Chickasaw County seemed to be the only county in North Mississippi that did not have a historical society.  The group met and during that meeting it was agreed that a second meeting would be held on the third Thursday night of the month.  Twenty-seven years have passed and the Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society still meets on the third Thursday of each month.

Committees were formed with different objectives.  Family information was gathered.  Historical information at the court house was copied.  Members of the Society began visiting the various cemeteries around the county listing information on the markers.

From 1979 until 1982 the members of the Historical Society compiled volumes of valuable historical information.  In 1982 the Chickasaw Times Past was born.  The Times Past is the quarterly that is published and distributed to the membership today.

The Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society is responsible for other large projects such as the History of Chickasaw County, Volume I and II, Cemeteries in Chickasaw and Surrounding Counties, Volume I and II, The People, Land Owners and Land Patents, Chickasaw County Marriage Records, 1858 - 1900, and their most recent project, the popular Pictorial History of Chickasaw County.

Today the Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society is made up of 114 members living in 21different states.  In addition to individual members, the Society is involved with 39 other historical groups across the United States.

The Sociey currently meets in the Research Library at 304 East Woodland Circle on the 3rd Thursday at 6:30 pm

The goal of the Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society today remains the same as it was over thirty years ago - to preserve the great heritage of this proud area.

(The background on this page is outlines of Chickasaw County with the county courthouse showing in the outlines)


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